Streets On Lock 4 (Migos & Rich The Kid)



Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap

Released: Oct 22, 2015

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Streets On Lock 4 (Migos & Rich The Kid) - Migos
Song Title Time
1. Trap Dab 2 (Intro) (feat. Rich The Kid (Feat. Migos, Jose Guapo, Hoodrich Pablo Jaun, Flippa & Lil Duke)) EXPLICIT 3:32 Download
2. F*ck Up The Pot (feat. Migos) EXPLICIT 3:26 Download
3. Different Colors (feat. Rich The Kid) EXPLICIT 2:41 Download
4. Pipe It Up (feat. Migos (Feat. 2 Chainz & Young Jeezy)) EXPLICIT 5:40 Download
5. Perfect Time (feat. Skippa Da Flippa) EXPLICIT 2:52 Download
6. Trust Nobody (feat. Migos (Feat. Waka Flocka)) EXPLICIT 3:08 Download
7. That Bag (feat. Rich The Kid) EXPLICIT 2:31 Download
8. Sleep Walking (feat. Offset) EXPLICIT 3:32 Download
9. 2 Many Bitches (feat. Skippa Da Flippa (Feat. Quavo)) EXPLICIT 2:10 Download
10. When You See It (feat. Jose Guapo (Feat. Migos)) EXPLICIT 4:58 Download
11. Bando To Mansion (feat. Migos (Feat. Hoodrich Pablo Juan)) EXPLICIT 2:21 Download
12. Dirk Nowitski (feat. Migos (Feat. Young Dolph)) EXPLICIT 3:10 Download
13. Off The Road To The Trap (feat. Migos) EXPLICIT 3:25 Download
14. Addicted To Gangsta (feat. PeeWee Longway (Feat. Quavo & Hoodrich Pablo Juan)) EXPLICIT 3:32 Download
15. Mama We Made It (feat. Migos) EXPLICIT 2:47 Download
16. Extra (feat. Rich The Kid) EXPLICIT 2:17 Download
17. WYT (feat. Skippa Da Flippa) EXPLICIT 3:31 Download
18. Richer Than Rappers (feat. Migos) EXPLICIT 3:11 Download
19. Wanna Be Me (feat. Offset) EXPLICIT 3:32 Download
20. Days Of The Week (feat. Migos (Feat. MangoFoo)) EXPLICIT 2:24 Download
21. Champion (feat. Rich The Kid (Feat. Rae Sremmurd)) EXPLICIT 2:53 Download
22. Dirty (feat. Migos (Feat. Jose Guapo)) EXPLICIT 4:15 Download
23. Tequila (feat. Rich The Kid & Makonnen)) EXPLICIT 2:54 Download
24. Designer Drugs (feat. Migos (Feat. Hoodrich Pablo Juan)) EXPLICIT 3:34 Download
25. Life So Hard (feat. Migos) EXPLICIT 3:14 Download
26. Streets Need Us (Outro) (feat. Migos (Feat. Jose Guapo, Tray1, Domingo, Migo Jerz, Johnny Cinco, YRN Lingo & Skippa Da Flippa)) EXPLICIT 3:16 Download
27. On U (Bonus) (feat. Young Greatness (Feat. Quavo)) EXPLICIT 3:04 Download

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Streets On Lock 4 (Migos & Rich The Kid)