Tear Drop Tune 3

Lil Wayne


Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap

Released: Feb 06, 2010

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explicit lyrics

Tear Drop Tune 3 - Lil Wayne
Song Title Time
1. Mafia Music (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Birdman)) EXPLICIT 2:14 Download
2. Girls On Girls (feat. Lil' Wayne) EXPLICIT 0:52 Download
3. You Know What It Is (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. T-Pain)) EXPLICIT 2:43 Download
4. Move The Damn Thing (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Juelz Santana)) EXPLICIT 2:27 Download
5. Homerun (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Juelz Santana)) EXPLICIT 2:42 Download
6. O Let's Do It (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Waka Flocka)) EXPLICIT 1:28 Download
7. That's What Niggas Do (feat. Lil' Wayne) EXPLICIT 1:09 Download
8. Incredible (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Trae)) EXPLICIT 1:15 Download
9. Drop The World (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Eminem)) EXPLICIT 3:36 Download
10. Realest They Come (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Dre)) EXPLICIT 1:55 Download
11. Women Lie, Men Lie (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Yo Gotti)) EXPLICIT 1:33 Download
12. Scared Money (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Young Jeezy)) EXPLICIT 2:34 Download
13. I Made It (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Kevin Rudolf, Birdman & Jay Sean)) EXPLICIT 3:59 Download
14. Fed Up (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. DJ Khaled & Usher)) EXPLICIT 1:27 Download
15. I Want It All (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Birdman & Kevin Rudolf)) EXPLICIT 1:58 Download
16. Let's Get Crazy (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Young Money)) EXPLICIT 4:11 Download
17. Other Side (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Shanell & Ne-Yo)) EXPLICIT 2:14 Download
18. Stobelights (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Dirty Money)) EXPLICIT 1:20 Download
19. All 4 U (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Missy Elliott)) EXPLICIT 0:34 Download
20. Straight To The Dance Floor (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Jamie Foxx)) EXPLICIT 1:11 Download
21. Drop It Low (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Ester Dean)) EXPLICIT 1:19 Download
22. Another Planet (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Huey)) EXPLICIT 1:09 Download
23. Stupid Wild (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Gucci Mane)) EXPLICIT 2:34 Download
24. 4 My Town (feat. Lil' Wayne) EXPLICIT 3:36 Download
25. No Ceilings (Final Version) (feat. Lil' Wayne (Feat. Birdman)) EXPLICIT 3:50 Download
26. I'm Goin In (Full Version) (feat. Lil' Wayne) EXPLICIT 2:51 Download

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