Dedication 2

Lil Wayne


Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap

Released: Mar 19, 2013


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explicit lyrics

Dedication 2 - Lil Wayne

XFERNO Album Notes

Nowhere was it more apparent that Lil' Wayne's flow is on a supernatural level than this mixtape. Rapping effortlessly for nearly 20 freestyles, Young Money toyed with the hardest tracks from the first half of 2006!

Dedicating the mixtape to his city after his hometown was swept away in Hurricane Katrina, Weezy F Baby became a spokesperson for the N.O.'s struggle and vented its pain through his music. With the best track coming in the closing minutes, no 2006 freestyle was more powerful than Wayne's "Georgia" remake, as the Cash Money prez spit venom at President Bush. Gangsta Grillz you bastards!!